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                            Portugal web directory affiliate Programme

Here we offer you the chance to become part of the web directory team, by offering you to join our attractive affiliate programme,

With monthly commission paid direct to you via Paypal, you can work at your own pace to suit your lifestyle.

We give you your own unique email address Example (admin12@portugalwebdirectory.com) along with a 3 digit number, this is called your agent number that is unique to you only, by having your own email address associated with the Portugal web directory lets emails you send be taken seriously.

Q/How will I know if a company has joined the directory?

A/ by quoting your agent number to a company automatically lets us know the listing has come from you.

Q/ how do I get a company to join the directory?

A/ you can email companies/websites or telephone them or speak to them personally, if by telephone we suggest you join http://www.voipcheap.com/ this way calls can be made free or just a 5 cents charge.

Q/ How much can I earn from a company listing on the directory?

A/ if a company choose the following: Platinum listing you earn €39.00 Gold listings €15.00, free listings €0.00

Q/ when and how am I paid?

A/ you are paid monthly, payment is made by paypal,if you do not have a paypal account it is easy and free to set up go to https://www.paypal.com/pt

Q/ what if I get a company and they just list it for free?

A/ as long as they put your 3 digit agent number when listing, should they then upgrade within 1 year you will still get paid

Q/ How do I know if a company is already listed in the directory?

A/ if the company is www.anycompany.com just put the (anycompany) without the www.or .com into the search box on the directory website it is found on any page. Even if the company/website are listed on the directory if it has listed for free, you may still contact them to ask if they would like to upgrade make sure you give them your agent number.

Q/ How many hours do I have to work a week

A/ That is entirely up to you there is no minimum,but the more time you spend then the more you can earn

Q/ So how do I become an affiliate

A/ just click on this link and fill out your details

All information that is supplied is kept private we do not share your information with any third parties

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